Group Paddles

We have groups of marathon canoe paddlers around the province, usually associated with a coach or a club in the area.  To find out if there is one in your area contact us.  Below are some areas with group paddles going on.


We had 7 canoes out last Tuesday. Sunny and warm. Lots of short sprints. Wash riding worked well. Another great night on the water in Hunstville.  Bob and Gwyn.


Most weekends when they aren’t racing and sometimes during the week from April to November
Bob Vincent and Gwyn Hayman are NCCP certified Marathon Coaches. Bob is also a Coach Facilitator. This program is for intermediate level paddlers wishing to learn marathon techniques in the Muskoka area and is particularly focused on local races such as those associated with longer distance Muskoka River X.
Participants must be full members of OMCKRA. Contact Coach Bob by email: [email protected] and Gwyn at [email protected]


Gatineau/Chelsea/Ottawa Paddling Program

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced paddler, Ryan will work with you to improve technique, boat control, balance and fitness to improve efficiency and work towards your paddling goals. Canoes (Marathon, Outrigger, Recreation), Kayaks (Racing, Recreation) and SUPs are welcomed. Even if you do not have your own boat, accommodations can be made to get you out paddling! Coach Ryan Stepka comes from background in Sprint Canoe/Kayak and is a NCCP certified Marathon Coach and coach facilitator. Ryan is proficient teaching and padding different types of canoes and kayaks. For more details on session dates and times, please contact Ryan by email at: [email protected]

Coach Ryan Stepka
Coach Ryan Stepka


Steve Tait and Mackenzie Buis lead paddlers on the south branch of the Thames River east of London. Session location depends upon water levels. The Thames River from the Meatherall bridge just west of Ingersoll to below the bridge on Putnam Road is one of the most challenging technical moving water rivers in southwestern Ontario. That is where most sessions will take place and paddlers typically travel downstream and return. When Thames River water levels are low, sessions are held on Pittock Lake in Woodstock.  contact emails: [email protected]  and [email protected]



Coach Don Stoneman is an NCCP certified Marathon Coach and Coach Facilitator.  Regular paddling sessions every Thursday and most weekends April to November. Most sessions will take place on Baptiste Lake or the York River. Contact: [email protected]

Don Stoneman
Don Stoneman

Looking for a coach in your area?

Send an email with your hometown to [email protected]

For other group paddles, consider joining one of our Marathon Paddle clubs.


Wai Nui

Georgian Nordic

Contact us about other locations.  [email protected]